Assistant Principal


PRIMARY FUNCTION: Assists in the administration of all aspects of the total school program for Alleghany County Public Schools by providing educational leadership for students and staff consistent with division goals.


  • Candidate must possess or be eligible for a Postgraduate Professional License with endorsement as a Principal or Administration/Supervision K-12.
  • Have demonstrated the professional and personal characteristics necessary for working effectively with school personnel and members of the community.


REPORTS TO: Building Principal



1. Conducting instructional supervision and evaluation including classroom 
and teaching observations for assigned areas.

2. Implements curriculum and educational objectives consistent with goals.

3. Advises teachers regarding instruction, classroom management, and 
student discipline.

4. Provides leadership in initiating in-service programs and organizational 

5. Provides a climate conducive to effective communications through the 
use of faculty meetings, committees, and individual conference.

6. Coordinates the use of subject matter specialists, resource teachers, and 
other resource personnel.

7. Assists the principal in coordinating and administering pupil personnel 
services and maintaining high expectations for daily operations.

8. Maintains effective discipline and fosters a safe and positive environment 
for all students and staff.

9. Ensures adequate supervision of students.

10. Coordinates and supervises student activities and events including 
before/after school activities, as requested.

11. Coordinates services to students such as guidance, health, special 

12. Participates in eligibility meetings.

13. Ensures that all staff members keep and submit accurate and up-to-date 
records, as required.

14. Ensures that the Student Code of Ethics and Character Counts Pillars are 
displayed and emphasized throughout the school

15. Maintains school rules and regulations which conform to the regulations 
of the School Board of Alleghany County and the State Board of 

16. Assists in school scheduling;

17. Assists the principals in administering staff personnel procedures in 
accordance with approved policies and procedures;

18. Participates in reviewing applications, interviewing, placement, and 
evaluation of all staff members, as requested;;

19. Contacts substitute employees as needed;

20. Completes required reports;

21. Promotes a healthy and safe work environment;

22. Develops and participates in staff development and in-service training 
programs for all staff;

23. Assists the principal in administering the financial and building needs of 
the school;

24. Establishes building maintenance schedules and evaluating their 

25. Maintains furniture and equipment inventories;

26. Supervises the use of the school and grounds by all agencies and/or 

27. Implements a discipline policy that fosters a sage and positive 
environment for all students and staff;

28. Ensures the adequate supervision of students;

29. Hold regular faculty meetings and maintains effective communication with 
all school personnel;

30. Encourages staff to take advantage of professional growth opportunities 
by assuming responsibility for a program of in-service training and staff 

31. Maintains sensitivity to individual personal staff situation/problems;

32. Takes major responsibility for creating an effective environment for 

33. Notifies the superintendent and designates on person who is employed in 
the school to act in his or her behalf when prevented by illness or other 
causes for performing the required duties;

34. Assigns all staff in the school to such duties, and activities as are 
necessary for the efficient operation of the school;

35. Oversees that all staff members keep and submit accurate and up-to-date 
records, as required;

36. Assumes responsibility for assigning faculty members(s) to supervise the 
loading and unloading of school buses, parent pick-up and drop-off 
stations and ensures the security of the students parking lot(s);

37. Maintains and ensures the security of student records according to local, 
state, and federal guidelines;

38. Maintains the attractiveness of building and grounds, reports needed 
repairs to the maintenance department;

39. Coordinates the planning and implementing of the school budget;

40. Ensures the maintenance of accurate financial records and provides for 
the receipt of all funds in accordance with state accounting procedures, 
including extracurricular activity funds;

41. Arranges special events and prepares communications that help to 
interpret the school’s programs to the parent and the community;

42. Responds to needs and concerns of parents and other community 
members or agencies;

43. Establishes and utilizes a School Parent Advisory Council/Committee

44. Reviews requests and grants permission for the use of school buildings 
by community groups;

45. Assumes responsibility for the supervision of students during the school 
day, while being transported to and from school, on school trips and 
during activity or function sponsored by the school and attended by 

46. ensures that the Character Counts Pillars are displayed and emphasized 
throughout the school;

47. Make a careful daily check of student absences and requires an excuse 
following each absence;

48. Administers school rules and regulations which conform to the regulations 
of the County School Board of Alleghany and the State Board of 

49. Coordinates with the Athletic Director on staffing, supervising, and 
scheduling athletic events;

50. Coordinates with extra-curricular sponsors/coaches on supervising, 
coverage, and scheduling of all extra-curricular activities;

51. Recognizes and rewards students’ academic, extra-curricular, and/or 
conduct achievements;

52. Develops necessary bulletins and communiqués to students and parents;

53. Maintains records and files of meetings and assorted communiqués ;

54. Confers with individual students and student groups;

55. Assumes responsibility of assigning administrative coverage/attendance 
for all student activities and events;

56. Coordinates the safe and efficient utilization of the school facilities for 
instructional, extracurricular, and community activities;

57. Analyzes data on student achievement;

58. Uses the resources of the community and involves parents and citizens in 
evaluating the school program, developing the Biennial School Plan, 
Volunteer services in the school, and programs of supplemental 
instruction or enrichment/

59. Serves as a member of such committees and attends such meetings as 
the superintendent shall direct;

60. Creates a supportive learning environment for all students that 
encourages social interaction, active engagement in learning, and self-motivation;

61. Takes all necessary and reasonable precautions to protect students, staff, 
equipment, materials, and facilities;

62. Contacts parents immediately, or as soon as reasonably possible, in the 
event of an accident, serious illness, or other matter pertaining to the 
general welfare of the student;

63. Conducts fund raising activities in accordance with School Board 

64. Maintains school handbook of policies and procedures, including the 
school division’s standards of student conduct and enforcement 
procedures, along with matters of interest to parents and students;

65. Complies with and supports school and division regulations and policies;

66. Communicates with students, student counselors, resource officers, and 
parents through conferences and other means;

67. Assumes responsibilities outside the classroom as they relate to school

68. Maintains licensure at the state and/or national lever: assumes 
responsibility for professional growth and keeps materials, supplies, and 
skills up-to-date;

69. Demonstrates non-discriminatory practices in all activities; and

70. Performs related duties as assigned by the Superintendent of Schools in 
accordance with school/system policies and practices.

71. Occasional travel with students on school field trips may be required;

72. Frequent walking, standing, stooping, lifting, up to approximately 30 
pounds may be required;

73. Must possess demonstrated leadership qualities and personal 
characteristics necessary for working effectively with students, teachers, 
and parents as attested to by the Division Superintendent of schools. 
Candidate must possess good moral character.

74. To perform other duties as assigned by the Principal.


Twelve-month contract, Exempted FLSA status. The School Board shall 

establish a salary annually



Performance on this job will be evaluated in accordance with school board policy 
and administrative regulations and evaluation of administrative personnel.


Must possess demonstrated leadership qualities and personal characteristics 
necessary for working effectively with students, teachers and parents as attested to by 
the Division Superintendent.



Frequent walking, standing, stooping, lifting, up to 30 pounds may be required.

It is anticipated that some stress will be associated with this position primarily 
due to deadlines and irregular work flow. It is necessary that the individual have the 
capacity to remain calm, considerate and tactful.

Approved by School Board: April 6, 2009


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