Director of Special Education


Director of Special Education



Primary Function:

To provide oversight of all special education programs, as well as homebound and homeschool instruction.




Have a minimum of five years of experience in public education, two of which in administration.


Hold a Postgraduate Professional license with an endorsement in administration or supervision.


Possess professional and personal characteristics necessary for working effectively with school personnel and members of the community at large.



Reports To:





School Psychologist


Occupational Therapists and Assistants


Physical Therapists and Assistants


School Social Worker

Mental Health Counselor


School Nurse Coordinator


Administrative Assistant for the Office of Special Education

Speech Language Pathologists

Behavior Analyst

Performance Responsibilities:



1.Provide oversight of all special education services.


2.Ensure compliance with all special education laws and regulations.


3.Assist professionals with observations, diagnoses and evaluations of students.


4.Plan and schedule professional development for special education personnel.

5.Assist with strategic planning for the purposes of school improvement including the interpretation of data, the development of continuous school improvement plans, and the monitoring of school progress related to special education and 504.


6.Ensure that all special education records are kept and maintained in accordance with federal guidelines.


7.Evaluate special education programs and personnel as needed.


8.Assist in the selection and assignment of staff.


9.Assist in coordination of school special services.


10.Assist in coordination of transportation for special education students.


11.Assist in the preparation and implementation of the six-year plan and Public Law 94-142.


12.Provide oversight for the development and implementation of all Individual Education Plans (IEP).


13.Coordinate the special education advisory committee.


14.Provide oversight for students placed in residential and private day schools.

15.Provide oversight of all requirements associated with compulsory attendance and graduation.


16.Develop and maintain inter-agency agreements relative to special education services.

17.Provide leadership of the division’s “wrap around” services to students.


18.Monitor the in-school screening procedures.


19.Provide oversight of 504 compliance procedures.


20.Manage all applications and responsibilities associated with homebound instruction.


21.Manage all applications and responsibilities associated with homeschool instruction.

22.Provide oversight of all programs and regulations associated with homeless students.

23.Provide oversight of all programs and regulations associated with foster care students.


24.Provide oversight for the school nurse program.


25.Serve as district liaison for the School Health Advisory Board.

26.Provide oversight for the admission of non-resident and non-district students.

27.Serve as the district liaison for the Community Planning and Management Team (CPMT).

28.Serve as the district liaison for the Family Assessment and Planning Team (FAPT).


29.Serve on the budget development committee.


30.Participate in district level advisory committees.


31.Perform other duties as assigned by the superintendent.



Terms of Employment:

Twelve-month contract with salary to be established annually by the school board.




In accordance with school board policy and the administrative regulations and evaluation of administrative personnel.




Approved by the Alleghany County School Board on March 21, 2011

Amended: February 22, 2016

Effective July 1, 2016

Amended: July 10, 2017

Amended: April 2, 2019


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