Superintendent of Schools




To provide effective educational leadership for the Alleghany County Public Schools.



  •  Meet the qualifications as set forth in State Board of Education Regulations Governing Licensure of School Personnel.
  • Possess experience and education which demonstrate a balance between instruction and business administration.
  • Possess a minimum of five years experience in school administration and/or supervision with at least three years of experience in school building-level administration.
  • Possess professional and personal characteristics necessary for working effectively with school personnel and members of the community.


REPORTS TO: School Board



  1. Director of Finance
  2. Director of Human Resources and Pupil Personnel
  3. Director of Secondary Instruction
  4. Director of Elementary Instruction
  5. Director of Special Education
  6. Director of Technology
  7. Principals
  8. Supervisor of Maintenance and Transportation
  9. Division Cafeteria Manager
  10. Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent
  11. Clerk of the School Board


Serve as chief executive officer of the School Board.

  1. Implement and executes policies adopted by the School Board.
  2. Report to the School Board about the status of programs, personnel and operations of the schools, and keeps the Board accurately informed.
  3. Interpret the needs of the school system.
  4. Recommend actions on all problems and issues considered by the Board.
  5. Communicate as liaison between the School Board and school personnel.
  6. Assist the chairman in developing and distributing notices and agenda of meetings of the School Board

Act as the educational leader of the schools.

  1. Supervise and evaluate principals and directors.
  2. Assess student academic achievement.
  3. Oversee planning and evaluation of curriculum and instruction.
  4. Develop for approval by the School Board procedures for adopting textbooks                        and other instruction materials.
  5. Visit schools on a regular basis.
  6. Maintain a current knowledge of developments in curriculum and instruction.
  7. Supervise a program of professional growth for school division staff.

Enforce laws and ordinances of the federal, state and local governments, regulations of the Virginia Board of Education, and policies and regulations of the Alleghany County School

  1.  Observe such directions and regulations as the Superintendent of Public Instruction or Board of Education may prescribe.
  2. Make reports to the Superintendent of Public Instruction whenever required.
  3.  Distribute promptly all reports, forms, laws and regulations which may be received from the Superintendent of Public Instruction.
  4. Enforce school laws, regulations and decisions of the Superintendent of Public Instruction and of the Board of Education.
  5. Prepare and maintain administrative procedures, guidelines and regulations to be used to implement School Board policy. If Board action is required by law or the Board has specifically asked that certain types of regulations be given prior Board approval, these regulations and guidelines shall be placed in the School Board manual. The administrative procedures, guidelines and regulations shall be discussed with the staff and made available for their information.


Oversee staff personnel management.

  1.  Organize recruitment of personnel.
  2. Reassign personnel to schools and offices.
  3. Insure administration of personnel policies and programs.
  4.  Supervise evaluation of personnel.
  5. Provide for maintenance of up-to-date job descriptions for all personnel.


Oversee facility management.

  1.  Prepare long and short-range capital improvement plans for facilities and sites.
  2. Insure the maintenance of school property and safety of personnel and property.
  3. Inspect school property on a regular basis.
  4. Approve the utilization of school property.
  5. Monitor any construction, renovation and demolition of school facilities.
  6. Represent the schools before local or state agencies which control building requirements or provide financing for buildings.
  7. Condemn school buildings as provided by law when such school buildings are not safe and may endanger the health of pupils.


Oversee financial management.

  1. Prepare budget for school approval.
  2. Recommend priorities for expenditure of school funds.
  3. Insure that expenditures are within the limits approved by the School Board.
  4. Report to the School Board on financial condition of the schools.
  5. Establish procedures for procurement of equipment and supplies.


Direct community relations activities.

  1.  Articulate educational programs and needs to the community.
  2. Respond to concerns expressed in the community.
  3. Maintain contact with the news media.
  4. Participate in community affairs and on civic organizations.
  5. Involve the community in planning and problem solving for the schools.


Oversee pupil personnel services.

  1. Monitor pupil personnel services.
  2. Insure adequate pupil record system.
  3. Implement policies and programs relating to behavior and discipline of pupils.
  4. Maintain programs for health and safety of pupils.
  5. Communicate as liaison between schools and community social agencies.


Provided oversight for specified administrative tasks.

  1.  Coordinate the development of the comprehensive Six-Year Plan.
  2. Develop the annual pupil/teacher ratio report.
  3. Develop the division staffing plan.
  4. Provide oversight for the development of the professional development plan.
  5. Provide oversight for tuition reimbursement.




Contract may be for 12 to 48 months with salary to be established annually by the School Board.



The School Board shall evaluate the superintendent annually in accordance with regulations and criteria established by the Virginia Board of Education.



Adopted:          April 6, 2009 

Amended:        February 22, 2016

Effective:         July 1, 2016

Amended:        March 19, 2018

Amended:        July 10, 2019

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