Supervisor of Technology/ Infrastructure and Systems

Primary Function:      The Supervisor of Technology Infrastructure and Systems is responsible for the overall performance of Technology including the implementation of division-level technology standards and goals as directed by the Superintendent. The Supervisor has broad consultative responsibility to make sound technological choices resulting in the successful implementation of technology as part of the total instructional program and its administration.  The Supervisor provides leadership in identifying hardware and software purchases; providing technology support for administrative, classified, and instructional staff; overall WAN performance and operation; short and long range planning as required by the school division.


Qualifications:            Bachelor’s degree in computer science or comparable degree preferred.  Extensive experience in IT, networks, hardware, software or related fields preferred. 


Reports To:                 Superintendent


Supervises:                 Technology Support Specialist - Primary





  1. Demonstrates a complete understanding of computer technology, systems, applications, peripherals, and databases to provide systems support.
  2. Demonstrates an understanding of research concepts and tools related to providing solutions for technical demands.
  3. Demonstrates an understanding of network support based upon relevant inter-networking models.
  4. Demonstrates skills necessary to operate within a successful client service role including understanding client expectations and requirements.
  5. Demonstrates an understanding of the administrative and staff functions necessary to the operation of an educational environment and can provide support in a manner that is non-disruptive to that environment.
  6. Demonstrates a high level of knowledge related to network terminology, concepts, and applications including the protocols and functions included in the TCP/IP suite.
  7. Demonstrates an understanding of relational database concepts and can participate in the maintenance of library science, electronic mail and educational software databases.
  8. Demonstrates a high level of knowledge of relational database applications.
  9. Demonstrates the ability to secure network systems at the server, router, and firewall level.
  10. Demonstrates knowledge relevant to network testing and data collection including performance analysis at the packet level.
  11. Demonstrates knowledge of structured cable systems and components and can assist in product selection according to EIA/TIA standards.
  12. Demonstrates competencies providing for the successful maintenance of a Microsoft, Chrome OS, Meraki, Extreme Networks, Cisco and other operating environments including products at the server, switch, router, and firewall level.
  13. Demonstrates skills necessary for successful disaster recovery including the identification of critical files, planning, backup scheduling and verification.
  14. Demonstrates a complete understanding of the E-rate application process.
  15. Demonstrates a high level of knowledge of electronic mail delivery systems.
  16. Responsible for short and long range planning as it applies to emerging technologies and the applications of those technologies to an educational environment.
  17. Provides hardware and software support for all types of computers for employees and students.
  18. Hardware support involves of troubleshooting systems and peripherals and determining problems to the component level.  Support includes making appropriate repairs within the expectations of the end user.  Furthermore, this support includes working in an independent and timely fashion.
  19. Assumes full responsibility for network readiness and load testing,
  20. Assumes full responsibility for the day-to-day operations of a network environment including the identification of emergency issues, regular communication with division personnel.
  21. Responsible for system backups and other system maintenance for the student management system and other data systems as necessary.
  22. Responsible to maintain a high level of training and understanding of emerging technologies and identifying those technologies that could be beneficial.
  23. Installs and maintains devices and components related to the daily operation of a network environment including cabling, layer one, two, and three devices, terminations, and cable management equipment.  Performs tests on network installations, collects data, and uses common business applications to present data to division personnel.
  24. Assists, upon request, with the preparation of technology related items as they relate to short and long range division budget planning.
  25. Identifies and resolves workstation, server, switch, and router hardware and software issues.
  26. Operates and monitors computer systems to ensure on-going productivity according to schedules and requirements.
  27. Under direction of division personnel, develops and implements overall network operations procedures.
  28. Oversees the efficient and timely resolution of all WAN and LAN work orders.
  29. Performs functions related to network services including network operations. Network operations include the maintenance of client/server connectivity at the server level.
  30. When required, provides training for technology specialists or school division staff.
  31. Ensures timely recovery from hardware or software failure including network performance monitoring and restoring layer two and three device connectivity.
  32. Upon direction of division personnel, designs network installations and upgrades based upon established local, state, and national codes and in accordance with EIA/TIA guidelines.
  33. Monitors network performance including event logs and performance logs.
  34. Update and oversee the development of the district web site, and assist school sites with the maintenance of web platforms.
  35. Administration and management of the division’s Google Administration console including, but not limited to user management, application installations, user policy management, and support.
  36. Management of the division’s Network Security Risk Assessment, and Mitigation Plan.
  37. Management and Support of the division’s Managed Print Services. Ensuring full operation of the server and copiers.
  38. Perform such other tasks and assume such other responsibilities as assigned by the Superintendent.





Terms of Employment:          Twelve–month contract with salary to be established annually by the school board. FLSA exempt status.


Evaluation:                              In accordance with school board policy and the administrative regulations and evaluation of administrative personnel


Working Conditions:             Demonstrates the ability to lift loads of approximately fifty pounds.

               Demonstrates the ability to work safely on ladders at heights up to   twenty feet.






Approved by the Alleghany County School Board:       February 22, 2016

Amended:                                                                      March 19, 2018

Amended:                                                                      April 2, 2019

Amended:                                                                      May 17, 2021

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