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Alleghany Highlands Public Schools offers an online learning option for students in grades 9-12 called the Alleghany Digital Academy. This program is offered using the self-paced Edgenuity learning platform and students are supported and managed by AHPS staff, teachers, and administrators. Digital Academy does not offer courses through Virtual Virginia.

There is no cost to participate in the Digital Academy Program, however, students must apply and be accepted to the program to be allowed to participate. Since online learning requires more student responsibility and support at home, there are conditions and considerations to acceptance, including past success with online learning, reliable internet access, academic honesty, and a willingness to work to stay on or ahead of pace in each class on a weekly basis. Likewise, if a student does not put forth the time and effort with their coursework, or they engage in academic dishonesty, they will be removed from the program and expected to return to in-person learning.

Applying: The Alleghany Digital Academy application can be accessed here. All completed applications should be submitted to the student’s school counselor at Alleghany High School.

Please note that applying to the Alleghany Digital Academy does not guarantee acceptance into the program. If your student is not accepted, they will be expected to attend classes in person, or they can apply to the CLASS (Customized Learning Academy for Secondary Students) program. JRTC and many CTE courses are not available online

By applying to this program, the student and parent/guardian(s) understand and agree that:


- Participating in the digital academy and online learning is a privilege, not a right.


- Acceptance into the digital academy is not guaranteed; if not accepted into the program, the student will be expected to attend classes in person, or they can apply to the CLASS (Customized Learning Academy for Secondary Students) program.


- Prior success with online learning, which includes earning grades of a C or higher in all classes, good attendance records, showing up at AHS for all required testing, and earning passing SOL scores, is required for acceptance into the program. Students with a strong track record of academic success and technology skills may be considered if they have no experience with online learning. 


- Continued success with online learning is required to remain in the program. Students can be removed from the program by administrators if they are not successfully learning or completing the coursework.


- There will be no AHPS teacher-led classes in the Digital Academy. Edgenuity will be the learning platform. AHPS staff, teachers, and administrators will support and assist students, but students will be taking their courses in a self-paced format through Edgenuity. Exceptions cannot be made for this.


- Students' individual learning needs related to child study, giftedness, special education needs, 504 plan needs, and other needs will also be considered, with team input, if necessary.


- Students in the program are expected to stay at or near the indicated pace for all of their courses.


- Attendance will be recorded weekly, based on students completing an average of at least 10 quizzes or tests a week, or staying on or ahead of the pace in all courses. Digital Academy students are subject to all compulsory education laws and consequences as outlined in the AHPS Attendance Policy. Students who have excessive unexcused absences will be removed from the program and expected to return in person.


- Students in the program are expected to stick with the program for the entire semester.


- Students in the program should have regular internet access and a safe, distraction-free environment in which to complete their coursework.

- Students in the program will be monitored regularly and should have no expectation of privacy on AHPS-issued devices. Any suspicion of cheating or academic dishonesty will be investigated and addressed, and consequences for such cheating may involve a grade of a 0 for an activity, having the activity reset and retaken, or even potential removal from the program and a return to in-person learning for repeat offenses.



Requirements of all students in the program, no exceptions:

- Students in the program MUST check their email daily and respond to staff, teachers, and administrators in a timely manner when contacted.

- Students and parents/guardians MUST inform AHS of any contact phone number changes and must respond to any calls from AHS for them.

- Students must show up for all required SOL and CTE tests they are scheduled for in person at AHS.
State testing is mandatory for all students.

- Students in the program are expected to communicate with the school when they have technology issues as quickly as possible to avoid falling behind.
Failure to report a technology issue and seek quick resolution to the issue is not an acceptable excuse.

- Students who are considered absent due to lack of completed work will be considered unexcused unless they turn in acceptable documentation to the school within 3 days to have the absence(s) excused.
Students who have excessive unexcused absences will be removed from the program and expected to return in person.

- Failure to abide by these requirements can result in the student’s removal from the program and return to in-person learning at AHS.



If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to Dr. Lucas Conner, Supervisor of Instructional Technology and Digital Learning.

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